SCOTUSblog's list of petitions with a "reasonable" chance of being granted
 Conference of 6/14

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Certiorari To
Summary of QP
Coral Power v. Calif.

Calif. v. Coral Power                                         
David Frederick

Paul Stein

Whether FERC has the power to order retroactive refunds under sec. 205 of the Federal Power Act for sales made under a tariff that the Commission accepted for filing without suspension or hearing. (Also available: 888 Calif. BIO, Combined BIO of FERC, 888 Reply, 1100 Coral BIO, 1100 Reply, EPSA Amicus)

FIA Card Services v. Tax Comm'r of W. Va.        

Lanco v. Dir. of Taxation
Walter Dellinger

Beth Brinkmann

S. Ct. of W. Va.

S. Ct. of NJ

Whether the Commerce Clause permits states to impose income and franchise taxes on an out-of-state company with no in-state physical presence, simply because that company has customers in the taxing state. (Also available: 1228 BIO, 1228 Reply, 1236 BIO, 1236 Reply, Amici (for 06-1228 only unless otherwise specified): Amer. Bankers Assoc., Clearing House Assoc., Council on State Taxation (both), Direct Marketers Assoc., Greater Phil. Chamber of Commerce (both), Tax Exec. Inst., Tax Foundation, Sherwin-Williams (1236 only)).

Quarterman v. Nelson                                                                                                                               Edward Marshall
TX AG's office                                           

Whether the lower court erred when it held that, by failing to divine a full-effect rule from the majority holdings of this Court as of 1994, the state court unreasonably applied clearly established federal law in adjudicating Respondent's Penry claim. (Also available: BIO, Reply)

Tamashiro v. Dept. of Human Serv.
Seth Galanter
Morrison & Foerster
S. Ct. of Haw.
Whether the interpretation of the federal Randolph-Sheppard Act by the Supreme Court of Hawai'i that prohibits a State from authorizing blind vendors to sue that State in state court for violations of state laws that impose requirements on state agencies that are not contained in federal law must be reversed absent a clear statement by Congress. (Also available: BIO, Reply, Amicus of RSVA)

Kentucky v. Krause
Courtney Hightower
Kent. AG's office
S. Ct. of Kent.
Whether police may employ deception with regard to their purpose and obtain voluntary consent to search under the Fourth Amendment. (Materials coming soon).

The following briefs are on the June 14 Conference following the receipt of a CVSG brief:

06-273, Cox v. DaimlerChrysler.  SG recommends deny.  For more, see here.
06-856, LaRue v. DeWolff, Boberg & Associates.  SG recommends grant.  For more, see here.