SCOTUSblog's list of petitions with a "reasonable" chance of being granted
 Conference of 5/17

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Counsel of Record
Certiorari To
Summary of QP
Ayers v. Daniels
Steve Oetting
Calif. AG's office
Whether, when a criminal defendant refuses to cooperate with his counsel due to his subjective mistrust of them, (a) he is constructively denied his right to counsel or (b) his counsel is ineffective within the meaning of Strickland v. Washington.

G.E. v. Commissioner, NH Dept. of Rev. Admin.
Walter Hellerstein
Sutherland Asbill & Brennan

S. Ct. of NH
Whether the New Hampshire business profits tax regime facially discriminates against foreign commerce by providing a tax deduction for dividends received from foreign subsidiaries only to the extent that the foreign subsidiary conducts income-generating business in the State. (Petition coming soon)

Wyeth v. Levine
Bert Rein
Wiley Rein            
S. Ct. of Verm.
Whether the prescription drug labeling judgments imposed on manufacturers by the FDA  preempt state law product liability claims premised on the theory that different labeling judgments were necessary to make drugs reasonably safe for use. (Also available: BIO, Reply, Amici: PHRMA, PLAC)

US ex rel. Bly-Magee v. Premo
David Frederick

Whether the bar on hearing a qui tam action based on "the public disclosure of allegations or a congressional, administrative, or [GAO] report, hearing, audit, or investigation" encompasses disclosures by state and local governments or refers to disclosures only by the federal government.  (Also available: BIO, Reply)