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Editor's Note :

On Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. we expect orders from the Court's May 20 Conference, followed by one or more opinions in argued cases at 10. We will begin live-blogging shortly before 9:30 at this link.


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Welcome to SCOTUSblog's Health Care page, where you can find our coverage (principally by our reporter Lyle Denniston) of, and other resources related to, the legal challenges to President Obama's Affordable Care Act.


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07.26.13 Lyle Denniston Courts split on contraception law (FURTHER UPDATE)
07.21.13 Lyle Denniston Contraception dispute advances
07.02.13 Lyle Denniston Key health care mandate delayed
02.01.13 Lyle Denniston New contraceptive mandate rules
12.29.12 Lyle Denniston Religious employer wins big — temporarily
12.26.12 Lyle Denniston Contraceptives mandate left intact, for now
12.18.12 Lyle Denniston Partial win against birth control rule
08.02.12 Charles Fried The June surprises: Balls, strikes, and the fog of war
08.01.12 Lyle Denniston New challenge to birth control mandate
07.27.12 Lyle Denniston Judge bars birth control mandate
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