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Welcome to SCOTUSblog's Health Care page, where you can find our coverage (principally by our reporter Lyle Denniston) of, and other resources related to, the legal challenges to President Obama's Affordable Care Act.


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04.04.12 Lyle Denniston Judges challenge Obama view (UPDATED)
04.02.12 Lyle Denniston President lobbying the Court?
03.29.12 Amy Howe In Plain English: Conditions or unconstitutional coercion?
03.28.12 Lyle Denniston Argument recap: Will Medicaid be sacrificed? (FINAL UPDATE 7:08 pm)
03.28.12 Lyle Denniston Argument recap: A lift for the mandate? (FINAL UPDATE 5:12 pm)
03.28.12 Amy Howe In Plain English: Is half a loaf better than no loaf?
03.28.12 Kevin Russell Further thoughts on today’s severability argument
03.28.12 Kali Borkoski Severability and Medicaid argument round-up
03.27.12 Tejinder Singh Highlights from Tuesday’s argument on the individual mandate
03.27.12 Amy Howe Today’s argument in Plain English: Will the mandate squeak by?
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