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Welcome to SCOTUSblog's Health Care page, where you can find our coverage (principally by our reporter Lyle Denniston) of, and other resources related to, the legal challenges to President Obama's Affordable Care Act.


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06.27.12 Amy Howe Anticipating the health-care decision: In Plain English
06.27.12 Lyle Denniston A reader’s guide to health care ruling
06.27.12 Tom Goldstein In the end
06.26.12 Lyle Denniston Health care: Time to sum up
06.01.12 Kali Borkoski Our plan for the health care decision day
04.13.12 Stephen Wermiel SCOTUS for law students: What happens now in the health care cases? (sponsored by Bloomberg Law)
04.11.12 Kali Borkoski Ross Guberman critiques the government’s health care brief
04.10.12 Kali Borkoski Photo essay: The health care oral argument line
04.04.12 Lyle Denniston Judges challenge Obama view (UPDATED)
04.02.12 Lyle Denniston President lobbying the Court?
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