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Breaking news from the court, including orders, stays and calendar releases; nomination and confirmation news; “A ‘view’ from the courtroom” and related features; and coverage of the justices’ public appearances. (Argument and opinion analyses, along with links to transcripts and audios from oral arguments, can be found in the “Merits Cases” category.)

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10.18.18 Government returns in climate change lawsuit
10.17.18 Chief Justice Roberts emphasizes Supreme Court’s independence
10.15.18 Quiet day for orders
10.12.18 Justices take on one new case
10.11.18 Justices allow Tennessee execution to go forward, but inmate still gets temporary reprieve
10.09.18 Ginsburg puts census depositions on hold
10.09.18 Court releases December calendar
10.09.18 Court stays out of North Dakota voting dispute
10.09.18 A “view” from the courtroom: Justice Kavanaugh takes the bench
10.09.18 Today’s orders: No new grants, one CVSG
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