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Kansas v. National Indian Gaming Commission

Petition for certiorari denied on December 11, 2017
Docket No. Op. Below Argument Opinion Vote Author Term
17-463 10th Cir. N/A N/A N/A N/A OT 2017

Issue: Whether the National Indian Gaming Commission's legal opinions that determine whether Indian lands are eligible for gaming under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act are reviewable final agency actions.

SCOTUSblog Coverage

DateProceedings and Orders
Sep 25 2017Petition for a writ of certiorari filed. (Response due October 30, 2017)
Oct 27 2017Waiver of right of respondents National Indian Gaming Commission, et al. to respond filed.
Oct 30 2017Order extending time to file response to petition to and including November 6, 2017, for all respondents.
Nov 01 2017Waiver of right of respondent The Quapaw Tribe respondents to respond filed.
Nov 20 2017DISTRIBUTED for Conference of 12/8/2017.
Dec 11 2017Petition DENIED.
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