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Editor's Note :

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City of St. Louis, Missouri v. Neighborhood Enterprises, Inc.

Petition for certiorari denied on February 21, 2012
Docket No. Op. Below Argument Opinion Vote Author Term
11-616 8th Cir. N/A N/A N/A N/A OT 2011

Issue: (1) Whether the City of St. Louis Sign Code, which exempts from the definition of “Sign” certain de minimus items -- such as flags, merchandise window displays, time and temperature devices, civic symbols or crests, on-site church displays and works of art – that are not regulated as signage but regulates objects of speech , infringes speech based on content, or whether it is instead constitutionally proper for the City of St. Louis to distinguish in its Sign Code between these different objects of speech for purposes of municipal regulation consistent with the constitutional doctrine of content-neutrality; and (2) whether the City of St. Louis Sign Code, which allows without permit certain items (such as traffic safety and directional signs, danger or cautionary signs, cornerstones and commemorative and historical signs, address numbers, holiday decorations, business window signs, information and directional signs related to a property's use, wall or window political signs, temporary signs related to private construction, private sale, lease and rental, parking signs, and signs on refuse containers) has infringed speech based on content by allowing such signs but regulating other signage, including the sign in the instant case.

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