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Victoria Kwan Justices' Appearances

Victoria Kwan is a 2011 graduate of Columbia Law School. She is the co-creator of SCOTUS Map, an interactive website that tracks the justices’ speaking engagements off the bench, and SCOTUS Search, a searchable database of oral argument transcripts.

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02.19.16 SCOTUS Map: Remembering Justice Scalia and January – February 2016
01.22.16 SCOTUS Map: December 2015 and January 2016
12.12.15 SCOTUS Map: November and December 2015
10.29.15 SCOTUS Map: October and November 2015
09.18.15 SCOTUS Map: September 2015
09.18.15 SCOTUS Map: July and August 2015
06.10.15 SCOTUS Map: May and June
05.11.15 SCOTUS Map: April and May 2015
04.06.15 SCOTUS Map: March and April 2015
03.06.15 SCOTUS Map: February and March 2015
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