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Stephen I. Vladeck is a Professor of Law at American University Washington College of Law. His teaching and research focus on federal jurisdiction, constitutional law (especially the separation of powers), national security law, and international criminal law.

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11.08.12 Argument recap: Court weighs its choices in double jeopardy case
11.02.12 Argument preview: Double jeopardy and the distinction between the correct and incorrect elements of the charged offense
08.21.12 Online Alexander Bickel Symposium: The passive virtues as means, not ends
06.12.12 Opinion analysis: A brand-new (and “absolutely weird”) theory of judicial review
03.21.12 Opinion analysis: A new remedy, but no right
03.01.12 Argument summary: Facial challenges, the MSPB, and an “absolutely weird” theory of administrative review
02.17.12 Argument preview: The CSRA and the right to vindicate constitutional claims
10.05.11 Argument recap: An Arizona-specific right to collateral post-conviction counsel?
09.29.11 Martinez v. Ryan argument preview: Direct vs. collateral review and the theory behind the right to counsel
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