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Stephen I. Vladeck is a Professor of Law at American University Washington College of Law. His teaching and research focus on federal jurisdiction, constitutional law (especially the separation of powers), national security law, and international criminal law.

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04.27.15 Argument preview: What happens when deadlines in removal proceedings are missed due to ineffective assistance of counsel?
03.03.15 Argument analysis: AEDPA deference, Brecht deference, and a Lackey tangent in a California capital case
02.27.15 Argument preview: A Ninth Circuit capital habeas case with a complicated doctrinal twist
02.23.15 Argument recap: Justices worry that an easy-to-administer rule might open the floodgates to frivolous prisoner suits
02.20.15 Argument preview: When does a prisoner suit become a “strike”?
01.21.15 Opinion analysis: Justices adopt broad view of whistleblower protections in air marshal dispute
11.06.14 Argument analysis: Government’s position in air marshal whistleblower case too “subtle” for Justices
10.31.14 Argument preview: How much control do agencies have over what whistleblowers may disclose?
06.10.13 Opinion analysis: Tentatively reopening the (back) door to class arbitration
05.29.13 Opinion analysis: A Texas- (and capital-)specific result to usher in a new wave of case law?
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