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Amy Howe details the 10 argued cases that remain undecided from the October 2017 term in this post.
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Rory Little Criminal Law

Rory Little is a Professor of Law at U.C. Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco, a former clerk to Justices Potter Stewart (ret.) and William Brennan, and author of the American Bar Association’s “Annual Review of the Supreme Court’s Term, Criminal Cases.” He is also “Of Counsel” to the law firm of McDermott Will & Emery on discrete appellate matters.

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04.12.17 Argument preview: Case asking whether “prejudice” must be shown when a criminal lawyer’s mistake leads to a “structural” public-trial error could have vehicle problems
03.29.17 Argument analysis: A seemingly unanimous and unsurprising view that the statutory term “obtained” limits forfeiture
03.23.17 Argument analysis: An unsatisfying argument regarding Fourth Amendment qualified immunity and proximate cause
03.22.17 Argument preview: Can a conspiracy defendant be ordered to forfeit proceeds he never obtained?
03.21.17 Opinion analysis: The Fourth Amendment governs unlawful pretrial detention claims even after legal process begins; everything else is remanded
03.15.17 Argument preview: Mixing concepts of causation, provocation and qualified immunity in the Fourth Amendment context
11.29.16 The unanimous first opinion of the term: A vacated conviction may be considered in assessing the preclusive double jeopardy effect of mixed acquittals and convictions
10.06.16 Argument analysis: A Fourth Amendment muddle may produce a limited ruling and remand
10.05.16 Argument analysis: Can a vacated conviction deprive a jury acquittal of double jeopardy preclusive effect?
09.28.16 Argument preview: Does the Fourth Amendment govern a “malicious prosecution” claim, and if so, how?
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