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Ronald Mann is a professor of law at Columbia, where he teaches courses in commercial finance, payment systems and deals. He graduated from the University of Texas in 1985, and after clerking on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit (Judge Joseph Sneed) and the Supreme Court (Justice Lewis Powell), he worked in the U.S. solicitor general’s office under Kenneth Starr and Drew Days. He has written extensively about secured credit, credit cards and other electronic payments systems, the role of patents in financing innovation and related topics. For SCOTUSblog, he cover the court’s cases in the areas of commercial law and intellectual property.

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04.19.17 Argument analysis: Court dubious about reading Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to reach debt buyers
04.18.17 Opinion analysis: Justices reject Missouri’s push to expand insurance benefits for federal employees
04.18.17 Argument analysis: Justices stay late to hear argument about deadlines for investors opting out of securities class actions
04.18.17 Argument preview: Justices to consider challenge to California court’s jurisdiction over claims by out-of-state litigants against out-of-state defendants
04.11.17 Argument preview: Court to consider application of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to debt buyers
04.10.17 Argument preview: Rules for timely filing of securities class actions before the court next week
03.30.17 Opinion analysis: Justices offer minimalist decision on New York credit-card surcharge statute
03.29.17 Argument analysis: Justices hear horror stories about venue for patent litigation
03.28.17 Argument analysis: Justices hesitant about extending ERISA to church-affiliated pension plans
03.22.17 Opinion analysis: Court uses cheerleader uniform case to validate broad copyright in industrial designs
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