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Richard is an Assistant Professor of Law at UCLA. He blogs at Re’s Judicata (

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06.29.18 Tribute: Seeing Justice Kennedy think
05.14.18 Opinion analysis: When a statutory exclusionary rule “makes sense”
02.22.18 Argument analysis: What makes wiretap orders “insufficient”?
02.14.18 Argument preview: Should courts read statutory exclusionary rules broadly?
10.18.16 Legal scholarship highlight: When lower courts don’t follow Supreme Court precedent
06.09.16 Opinion analysis: Another step toward constitutionalizing recusal obligations
02.29.16 Argument analysis: Seeking a recusal rule that the Justices can live with
02.23.16 Argument preview: When must a prosecutor-turned-judge recuse from a capital case?
06.22.15 Opinion analysis: Supporting excessive force claims in jails – and prisons?
05.18.15 Opinion analysis: An equitable result in Henderson v. United States
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