Mark Walsh Courtroom

Mark Walsh has covered the Supreme Court for more than twenty years, including for Education Week and as a contributor to the ABA Journal, the magazine of the American Bar Association.

Date Post Title
04.22.14 A “view” from the Court: Big arguments, preceded by an even bigger opinion
04.02.14 A civil day on the bench for opinions on the impolite world of campaign finance
03.25.14 ACA’s return taxes the High Court
03.03.14 In wake of secret videos, security tweaks evident at the Court
06.26.13 A “view” from the Court: June 26, 2013
06.25.13 A “view” from the Court: June 25, 2013
06.24.13 The “view” from the Court: June 24, 2013
06.20.13 A “view” from inside the Court
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