Mark Walsh Courtroom

Mark Walsh has covered the Supreme Court for more than twenty years, including for Education Week and as a contributor to the ABA Journal, the magazine of the American Bar Association.

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12.01.14 Courtroom view: Justice Ginsburg, finding her footing back at work
06.30.14 A “view” from the Court: Justice Alito has his day in finale
06.26.14 A “view” from the Court: Some surprises in penultimate session (UPDATED)
06.25.14 A “view” from the Court: Some morning Joe before Digital Day
06.23.14 A “view” from the Court: Bar admissions, but no blockbusters
06.03.14 Sotomayor on her memoir and much more
06.02.14 A “view” from the Court: Bad news for the Federal Circuit, good news for Bond
05.05.14 A “view” from the Court: A divided ruling on prayer, but no fireworks
04.30.14 A “view” from the Court: The Ginsburg-Scalia show
04.22.14 A “view” from the Court: Big arguments, preceded by an even bigger opinion
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