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2) This week we are hosting an online symposium on The American Legion v. American Humanist Association, a dispute over the constitutionality of a cross that sits on a traffic median in Maryland. Contributions, as well as Amy Howe’s introduction to the case, are available at this link.

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06.27.05 Today’s Opinion in Bell v. Thompson
06.20.05 Today’s opinion in Rompilla v. Beard
06.06.05 Raich — gay marriage?
04.25.05 Tuesday’s Argument in American Trucking Associations v. Michigan Public Service Commission
04.24.05 Monday’s Argument in Halbert v. Michigan
04.22.05 Upcoming Argument in Arthur Andersen v. United States
04.13.05 Upcoming Argument in Bradshaw v. Stumpf
04.12.05 Upcoming Argument in Merck KGaA v. Integra Lifesciences
04.05.05 A Mixed Bag for Habeas Petitioners (2)
04.05.05 A Mixed Bag for Habeas Petitioners (1)
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