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On Monday the Supreme Court will release orders from the June 21 conference at 9:30 a.m. and one or more opinions in argued cases at 10 a.m. We will live-blog at this link, where readers can sign up for an email reminder when the live blog begins.
We're hosting an online symposium on October Term 2017’s separation-of-powers and administrative-law decisions. Contributions are available at this link.

John Bursch Guest

John Bursch founded Bursch Law PLLC, a Michigan-based appellate boutique. John has argued 11 U.S. Supreme Court cases since 2011.

Date Post Title
12.12.17 Symposium: If Justice Kennedy thought Colorado was “neither tolerant nor respectful” of a baker’s religious beliefs, how will he feel about California’s attack on pro-life pregnancy centers?
12.14.15 Symposium: Contraceptive mandate cases – why the Supreme Court will instruct lower federal courts to stop second-guessing religious beliefs
02.21.14 Symposium: Hobby Lobby and Conestoga: The most difficult-to-answer question
03.29.13 More tea leaves: Why DOMA’s demise will support Prop 8 surprise
03.28.13 Reading tea leaves: Why the Court will uphold Proposition 8
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