James Bickford Round-up

After graduating from Yale with degrees in English and molecular biology, James worked a variety of jobs with a public policy bent and also earned a Master’s in English from Princeton. James graduated from Harvard Law School in May and will begin work as a fellow in the NYU Office of Legal Counsel this fall.

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04.04.11 Monday round-up
03.28.11 Monday round-up
03.26.11 Opinion analysis: FLSA protects oral complaints
03.21.11 Monday round-up
03.14.11 Monday round-up
03.09.11 Opinion recap: All judicial review is either direct or collateral
03.07.11 Monday round-up
03.03.11 Argument recap: What to do about coca paste?
02.28.11 Monday round-up
02.25.11 Argument preview: What is “cocaine base”?
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