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Howard M. Wasserman is Professor of Law at FIU Law.

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06.26.17 Opinion analysis: Majority sides with employee in civil service argument, but Gorsuch announces his presence with authority
06.05.17 Opinion analysis: Standing, intervention and a narrow disposition
04.18.17 Opinion analysis: But-for causation and inherent-power civil sanctions
04.18.17 Argument analysis: Intervention, standing and control over litigation
04.17.17 Argument analysis: Pulling wings off flies and other efforts to make sense of the Civil Service Reform Act
04.10.17 Argument preview: Standing for intervention
04.10.17 Argument preview: Revisiting the proper forum for civil service review in mixed cases
01.11.17 Argument analysis: “The train jumped the track and it went in an entirely wrong direction” — the court considers the causation standard for imposing sanctions
01.03.17 Argument preview: Bad-faith discovery sanctions, inherent authority and direct causation
04.26.16 Opinion analysis: Improper motive can violate the First Amendment, even with a factual mistake
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