Evan Lee Guest

Evan Lee is Professor of Law at UC Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco.

Date Post Title
02.14.18 Argument preview: Should forfeited Sentencing Guidelines errors normally be corrected?
06.24.16 Opinion analysis: Victory for the “categorical approach” in immigration and federal criminal sentencing – but for how long?
04.27.16 Argument analysis: The Justices continue to struggle with the “modified categorical approach”
04.19.16 Argument preview: Growing pains in the mass incarceration and deportation movements
04.04.16 Opinion analysis: News item – the convicted sex offender wins, unanimously
03.02.16 Argument analysis: Justices skeptical about government’s interpretation of sex-offender-registration law
03.01.16 Opinion analysis: Battle of statutory interpretation canons ends in defeat for convicted sex offender
02.23.16 Argument preview: When a sex offender moves out of the country, does he have to tell anyone?
11.04.15 Argument analysis: Court appears fractured in child pornography mandatory minimum case
10.30.15 Argument preview: “Series qualifier” and “last antecedent” canons battle over statutory interpretation
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