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Andrew is a 2012 graduate of Harvard University, where he studied archaeology. A class on American constitutional law with Richard Fallon his senior year moved him to go in a different direction. Prior to joining SCOTUSblog in 2013, he completed a fellowship at the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy and an internship with the Campaign for Youth Justice. He is currently pursuing a masters in writing at Johns Hopkins University.

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10.22.17 This week at the court
10.20.17 Chief Justice Salmon Chase on the permanency of the Union, and Cynthia Nicoletti on Chase’s political ambitions
10.17.17 Kagan on Marshall: “Greatest lawyer of the 20th century”
10.15.17 This week at the court
10.11.17 Argument transcripts
10.10.17 Argument transcript
10.10.17 When the chief justice serves as secretary of state: Saikrishna Prakash on separation of personnel in the U.S. Constitution
10.08.17 This week at the court
10.04.17 Argument transcripts
10.03.17 Argument transcripts
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