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 Conference of 6/7

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Counsel of Record
Certiorari To
Summary of QP
Faulks v. US                                                                                                                  Andrew Buzin
New York, NY  

Whether a federal judge may, consistent with Apprendi and Blakely, impose upon a former federal offender a new three-year term of imprisonment based solely on the judge's disputed factual findings that the former offender committed a state offense during her term of supervised release. (Also available: BIO, Reply)

Zoltek v. US
Dean Monco
Wood Phillips
Whether conduct by the government through its authorized contractors that would otherwise constitute patent infringement is a taking of property subject to the Fifth Amendment.

Sprint/United Management Co. v. Mendelsohn Paul Cane
Paul, Hastings                                  

Whether a district court must admit "me, too" evidence - testimony, by nonparties, alleging discrimination at the hands of persons who played no role in the adverse employment decision challenged by the plaintiff.  (Also available: BIO, Reply, Amici: AT&T et al., Equal Employment Advisory Council et al.)