SCOTUSblog's list of petitions with a "reasonable" chance of being granted
 Conference of 6/21

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Counsel of Record
Certiorari To
Summary of QP
Rudkin v. Comm'r                                       Peter Rubin
G'Town Law

Whether 26 U.S.C. sec. 67(e) permits a full deduction for costs and fees for investment management and advisory services provided to trusts and estates. (Also available: BIO, Reply)

Jones v. Peralta
Barabara Underwood
SG of NY

Whether the rule of Balisok and Heck applies to bar a challenge to a prison disciplinary proceeding that resulted in mixed sanctions if the prisoner abandons any claim affecting the loss of good time credits.  (Also available: BIO, Reply)

Regents of Univ. of Cal. v. Merrill Lynch                                                                                                                             William Lerach
Lerach Coughlin                                          

Whether liability exists under sec.10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and SEC Rule 10b-5, where an actor knowingly uses or employs deceptive devices and contrivances, as part of a scheme to defraud investors in another public company, but itself makes no affirmative  misrepresentations to the market.

Fitch v. Early
Leonard Joblove
NYC DA's office
Whether, under AEDPA, the "clearly established Federal law" upon which the state prisoner bases his claim for habeas relief must be clearly established as a rule of federal law binding onthe States in criminal proceedings.

Lorillard Tobacco v. Engida
Robert Long
Covington & Burling
Whether undisputed evidence that a retailer sold counterfeit goods establishes "irreparable harm" that supports the entry of a preliminary injunction in a trademark infringement case. (Also available: BIO, Reply, Amicus of WLF)

The following briefs are on the June 21 Conference following the receipt of a CVSG brief:

05-1645/06-11, Wallace v. Calogero/Leclerc v. Webb.  SG recommends deny.
06-179, Riegel v. MedTronic.  SG recommends deny.
06-457, Rowe v. New Hamp. Motor Transp. Assoc.  SG recommends deny.
06-830, Joblove v. Barr Labs.  SG recommends deny.