Thursday round-up

Court-watchers are looking ahead to October Term 2017’s first oral arguments, which begin next Monday. At Howe on the Court, Amy Howe reports that the court has released the hearing list for the first argument session, which “contains a critical mass of veteran Supreme Court litigators,” noting that “women are relatively few and far between on the hearing list,” occupying only three of the 24 October argument slots. At Supreme Court Brief (subscription required), Tony Mauro talks to the advocates in two immigration cases that were argued last term and rescheduled for next week about the challenges of rearguing a case. In the ABA Journal, Mark Walsh takes a broader look at the upcoming term, noting that “it will be the first full term for [Justice Neil] Gorsuch, who asserted himself quickly during his partial tenure [in OT 2016].”

In The Washington Post, Robert Barnes reports that “Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg agreed in an interview Tuesday night that sexism was a ‘major, major factor’ in Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump last November.” Additional coverage of Ginsburg’s remarks comes from CBS News, and the full video of the interview is here.


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