• At Politico, Josh Gerstein reports that “[t]he new round of lawsuits challenging President Donald Trump’s decision to shut down the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program … could have an unintended consequence: making it tougher for challengers of the president’s travel-ban policy to win at the Supreme Court.”
  • For USA Today, Richard Wolf reports that when the justices hear four cases this fall in which the Trump administration has asked them to reverse decisions of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, “the Supreme Court will wade into a political battle between President Trump and the nation’s most liberal appeals court.”
  • Robert Barnes reports in The Washington Post that an amicus brief urging the justices “to find that extreme partisan gerrymandering is unconstitutional” has divided its prominent Republican signers “from groups such as the Republican National Committee and the party’s congressional campaign committee, which are supporting Wisconsin’s GOP-led legislature in a major high court case to be heard next month.”

  • At The Hill, Megan Wilson reports on an amicus brief filed in Christie v. National Collegiate Athletic Association by the American Gaming Association “in support of New Jersey, which wants to end the federal ban on sports betting”; she notes that “the case … pit[s] several states, law enforcement groups and gambling advocates against college and professional sports leagues.”
  • At Courthouse News Service, Barbara Leonard looks at Murphy v. Smith, “a legal-fee case where Illinois prison guards left an inmate without medical care after beating and throwing him head-first against a cell toilet,” which the Supreme Court recently added to its docket for the upcoming term.

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