The blog has now been publishing for almost 15 years. Throughout that period, our writers and staff have developed and relied on a somewhat idiosyncratic collection of style guidelines. Although that has worked well on the whole, we think the time has come to implement a more consistent set of rules across the board. To make that happen, we have decided to use The Associated Press Stylebook as our overall reference guide as of today, the start of October Term 2016. We’ll be using the guidelines in that book to determine our writing and editing style choices, with a few exceptions we think will work better for the blog. For example, we will continue to italicize case names, because we think it makes for easier reading. For instances of usage that are not addressed directly by the stylebook, we will come up with rules of our own that we will then try to adhere to in the future. We hope these changes will enhance our coverage. Thank you for reading.

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Recommended Citation: Edith Roberts, New style guidelines for SCOTUSblog, SCOTUSblog (Oct. 3, 2016, 9:10 AM),