The annual meeting of the American Bar Association, which will take place from August 8 through August 10 in Boston, will include several events of interest to Court watchers.  On August 8 this blog’s Rory Little will moderate a panel to review the Court’s criminal docket in the October Term 2013; more information about that panel is available here.  On August 10, Sports Illustrated analyst and law professor Michael McCann will moderate a panel to discuss federal regulation of sports betting in the wake of the Supreme Court’s order denying review in a group of challenges filed by (among others) New Jersey governor Chris Christie; more information is available here.  Other Court-related events include a review of the October Term 2013 featuring Linda Greenhouse and a panel on the impact of the Court’s 2013 decision in Shelby County v. Holder, holding unconstitutional the coverage formula of the Voting Rights Act, as well as a panel — featuring, among others, Laurence Tribe — on August 9 to discuss the implications of the Court’s recent Second Amendment decisions for gun control and gun safety.

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