• With the end of June and the Justices’ summer recess now just a month away, Ilya Shapiro previews the last few weeks of the Term at Cato at Liberty and provides his predictions for some of the remaining high-profile cases.
  • In a post at The Economist’s Democracy in America blog, Steven Mazie discusses the Court’s decision in Hall v. Florida, striking down Florida’s requirement that defendants facing the death penalty show an IQ test score of 70 or below before being permitted to submit additional evidence regarding their intellectual disability.  In particular, he focuses on questions by Justices Breyer and Kennedy at oral argument regarding the length of Hall’s stay on death row.
  • At Big Think, Mazie examines religious liberty and the challenges to the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate.
  • At Re’s Judicata, Richard Re looks at the history of investigative searches incident to arrest and urges the Court not to rely on the doctrine in its upcoming decision in the cellphone privacy cases.

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