• In a column for The California Lawyer, Douglas Kmiec explains why the October Term 2012 was not a “blockbuster.” 
  • In The Wall Street Journal, Jess Bravin previews this Term’s oral arguments in Sandifer v. U.S. Steel, the latest round in the battle between employers and employees over what constitutes “changing clothes.”
  • In an op-ed for The Washington Times, Roger Clegg discusses some of the Court’s recent cases, lauds what he regards as the Court’s “progress this year against race-based discrimination in education and redistricting,” and encourages the Court to “make some in contracting and employment, too.
  • Justice Ginsburg’s recent remarks in interviews with (among others) The New York Times and Bloomberg continue to generate commentary.  At Jost on Justice, Kenneth Jost criticizes what he describes as the Justice’s “unseemly attack” on the Court.

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