Justice Scalia continued to make headlines yesterday.  The Associated Press (via The (Columbus, Ind.) Republic) provides additional coverage of the Justice’s recent interview with Thomson Reuters (which Kiran covered in Tuesday’s round-up); among other things, the Justice disclosed that it “enrages” him when people refer to the Court as “politicized.”  The Hill has “five key takeaways” from Jeffrey Toobin’s forthcoming book on the Court, including Toobin’s portrayal of Justice Scalia “as increasingly cranky and partisan – and infuriated with Chief Justice John Roberts over the [C]ourt’s recent decisions on healthcare and immigration”; the Associated Press (via The Washington Post) also provides coverage of Toobin’s book.  At The Wall Street Journal (subscription required), David Shapiro reports on Justice Scalia’s recent speech at the New York Athletic Club.  And the website of William & Mary Law School reports that the school recently celebrated the Justice’s contributions during a visit in which Justice Scalia “taught a class, fielded questions from students and faculty and received the Law School’s Marshall-Wythe Medallion.”


  • C-SPAN provides coverage of the Cato Institute’s symposium reviewing the Court’s previous Term and previewing the upcoming one.
  • At Reason, Damon Root interviews Randy Barnett, a legal scholar closely affiliated with the health care challenges, about the Court’s recent decision in the health care cases.
  • At this blog, Amy reports on the Court’s recent release of the list of the cases to be argued in the Court’s December sitting, along with a brief summary of the questions presented in those cases.
  • A recent conversation between Justice Thomas and Akhil Amar is now available on YouTube.  (Thanks to Howard Bashman for the link).
  • SCOTUSblog’s online symposium on same-sex marriage continues with new posts from Steve Sanders, Nelson Lund, Andrew Koppelman, and Robin Wilson and Anthony Kreis.

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