Final October Term 2011 Stat Pack and Summary Memo

Our final Stat Pack for October Term 2011 is now available. This edition features many of the same figures that we have been providing for years now, like the Circuit Scorecard, Frequency in the Majority, and Justice Agreement rates, as well as many new additions, like an expanded section on summary reversals and a Justice-by-Justice Circuit Scorecard. This year’s Stat Pack weighs in at 57 pages, which makes it our longest Stat Pack ever. We hope you will enjoy it.

[Update: We have belatedly updated our OT11 Stat Pack to reflect the summary reversal in Tennant v. Jefferson County Commission, released on September 25, 2012. Because the opinion was released prior to the beginning of OT12, it is considered an OT11 merits opinion and is properly included in our Stat Pack for that Term. You can find the updated Stat Pack here. The individual pages below reflect data from the original end-of-Term Stat Pack.]

You can find the Stat Pack in its entirety here or in individual parts below:

For several years now, SCOTUSblog has been producing a memo at the conclusion of each Term summarizing key statistical trends at the Court; we hope you will find this year’s memo useful. You can find the 5-page memorandum here.

We would like to thank all of the individuals who provided comments and feedback throughout the Term. Our Stat Pack is compiled as a labor of love, and the SCOTUSblog community has been hugely influential in shaping the content and design of the Stat Pack. If you have any further comments, suggestions, or corrections, please do not hesitate to email me at

Finally, we have provided a few key takeaways below.

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