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Sandel v. Williams

Docket: 11-736
Issue(s): (1) Whether criminal proceedings that result in conviction preclude a federal civil rights claim for excessive use of force, under circumstances where the use of excessive force would provide a complete affirmative defense to an offense of conviction in the forum where the conviction is adjudged; and (2) whether a claim of excessive use of force is barred on grounds of qualified immunity to the extent such claim is premised upon allegations of fact that are conclusively rebutted by documentary video footage of the incident giving rise to the claim.

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Williams v. Sandel

Docket: 11-610
Issue(s): (1) Whether police officers’ conduct is “objectively unreasonable” and therefore violates a clearly unarmed misdemeanant’s right to be free from excessive force under the Fourth Amendment when the officers stunned the misdemeanant thirty-seven times with a Taser, without warning, and severely beat him with batons, while incapacitated, rather than securing him; and (2) whether a court errs when it fails to consider the second prong of Saucier v. Katz if the plaintiff in a Section 1983 action can establish that a particularized constitutional right is clearly established in other Circuits and its own, especially considering this Court’s recent holding in Pearson v. Callahan , that the prongs need not be considered sequentially?

Certiorari stage documents:

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