The augmented RSS feeds feature on SCOTUSblog provides an easy and convenient way for you to read only the types of SCOTUSblog content in which you are interested.  You can “subscribe” to one or many of our feeds, at no charge, using a “feed reader” such as Google Reader.  You can then access your feed reader to view the full text of the SCOTUSblog content that you wish to follow.

Our new feed offerings allow you to customize your SCOTUSblog experience.  For example, if you read only “Plain English” posts, subscribe to the Plain English feed.  If you read only “Analysis” and the “Round-up,” you can create a custom feed that combines those two categories.   Interested only in posts by Lyle Denniston? Subscribe to his author feed.  Of course, it’s also possible to view all of our posts in your feed reader by subscribing to our main feed.  By following SCOTUSblog via RSS, you will not need to visit the website itself to view newly-posted content.

There are four kinds of SCOTUSblog RSS feeds:

Option 1: Subscribe to SCOTUSblog’s main RSS feed

If you would like to subscribe to the blog’s main RSS feed, which includes all of our posts, use this link.  Clicking on the “RSS” link in the sidebar, immediately underneath the Akin Gump logo and the words “Subscribe or Follow,” will also present you with a link to our main feed.

Option 2: Subscribe to posts in an individual category

If you are interested in a particular post and wish to subscribe to the RSS feed for the category in which it falls, hover over "Posts by Category" in the navigation bar at the top of the page, and select "See All Categories."  You should see a separate box for each category. Select the orange icon in the top right corner of a category box to subscribe to the feed for that particular category.

Option 3: Create a custom feed, combining posts from specific categories

If you would like to create a feed containing only posts from the categories of your choosing, use this link. Clicking on the "RSS" link in the sidebar, immediately underneath the Akin Gump logo and the words "Subscribe or Follow," will bring you to the same page. Once at that page, under "Custom RSS Feed Generator," select the categories that interest you and click the "Generate Your RSS Feed" button. The page should reload with a link to your feed at the top. (Note: Your feed reader may display the name of only one category in the title of your feed, but you should still receive posts from all the categories you selected.)

Option 4: Subscribe to the feed of a specific SCOTUSblog author

If you would like to receive posts from a specific blog author, simply click on any author's name on the masthead on the right-hand side of the SCOTUSblog home page.  You will be taken to a page with all of the author's posts.  Immediately to the right of the author's name, you will see an orange RSS feed icon.  Clicking on that icon will allow you to subscribe to the feed for that particular person. The "RSS" link at the top of every post on the blog also allows you to subscribe to the post author's feed.

With these four options, you should be able to customize your SCOTUSblog feed-reading in a way that best suits your needs and interests.

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