The Georgetown Supreme Court Institute"™s current Deputy Director, Tina Drake Zimmerman "“ well-known to many members of the SCOTUSblog community "“ is moving up in the Georgetown administration to run the law school"™s LLM program.  Congratulations to Tina "“ and this means that the Institute needs a replacement to take over management of its very active moot court program.  The Supreme Court Institute conducts moot courts for advocates arguing in about 95 percent of the cases heard by the Court each Term; the Institute is non-partisan and assists Supreme Court advocates regardless of their clients or the positions they are advancing.  The Deputy Director works closely with advocates and with the Supreme Court practitioners and expert professors who serve as moot court "Justices," and should be familiar with the Court and its work.  Supreme Court or appellate litigation and/or clerkship experience is strongly preferred.  The Deputy Director position is described in more detail here, and applications should be submitted electronically through that Georgetown University posting.

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