Roughly each day between now and the start of Elena Kagan’s confirmation hearings on June 28, we’ll be publishing a new “Issue Briefing” on a question that we expect will get significant attention.  The structure of the briefing papers is to present our view of the issue, the original source materials, and statements by Kagan’s supporters and detractors, as well as a round-up of leading news coverage on the issue.

By providing not just our own views but also the materials and competing opinions, we hope that readers will be able to reach their own conclusions.

The papers are the cumulative work of the SCOTUSblog team, with Erin, Anna, and Adam taking the lead on individual pieces.  If there are new developments in the upcoming weeks — such as the release or discovery of additional documents — we will update the papers accordingly.

The first Issue Briefing relates to abortion and is available here.

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