This morning at 10 a.m., the Court is expected to issue orders from last Friday’s conference.   Our list of Petitions to Watch for that conference is here.  Then the justices will hear oral arguments in the following two cases:

~10 a.m. "” In Christian Legal Society v. Martinez (08-1371), the Court will consider whether a public university’s law school may deny funding to a religious student organization that requires members to share its religious views.  Lyle Denniston of this blog discusses the background and arguments in the case here.

~ 11 a.m. "” In City of Ontario v. Quon (08-1332), the Court will hear arguments about whether individuals who send text messages to a government employee’s government-issued pager can reasonably expect that their messages will not be reviewed by the government.  Lyle previewed the case for SCOTUSblog last week.

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