On Monday, the Court will release the remaining orders from the Justices’ private conference last Friday. (Click here for the January session hearing list.)  Following the release of orders, the Court will hear argument in:

  • Coeur Alaska, Inc. v. Southeast Alaska Conservation Council, et al. and Alaska v. Southeast Alaska Conservation Council, et al. (07-984) (07-990), involving the permit process for discharging mining pollutants under the Clean Water Act.
  • Ministry of Defense and Support for the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran v. Elahi (07-615), involving an attempt to recover money from Iran over an alleged assassination by members of the Iranian government.
  • Harbison v. Bell (07-8521), involving the right of prisoners to have federally funded counsel during state clemency proceedings.

On Tuesday, the Court will hear argument in:

  • Montejo v. Louisiana (07-1529), involving interrogation and the appointment of counsel for indigent defendants.
  • Vermont v. Brillon (08-88), involving the Speedy Trial Act and delays caused by public defenders.
  • Knowles v. Mirzayance (07-1315), involving an ineffective assistance of counsel claim over a recommendation to withdraw a plea of insanity.

On Wednesday, the Court will hear argument in:

  • Puckett v. United States (07-9712), involving claims over the government breaching a plea agreement.
  • Boyle v. United States (07-1309), involving the proof required to show an enterprise under the RICO anti-racketeering law.

On Friday, the Justices will hold a private conference, any grants from which could be announced that afternoon. To view our list of petitions to watch at Friday’s conference, click here.

The petitioner’s merits brief is due Monday in Yeager v. United States (08-67) . The respondent’s merits brief is due Monday in Carlsbad Technology, Inc. v. HIF Bio, Inc. (07-1437) and United States v. Navajo Nation (07-1410). (Links above direct to case pages on SCOTUSwiki.)

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