Tihe Supreme Court on Monday released the oral argument calendar for the session that begins Monday, March 23.  The Court will hear only one case a day at each of the public sittings, in keeping with the plan to have more cases argued earlier in the Term.  Here are the scheduled cases, day by day, with a summary of the questions to be reviewed (click on the case title to view briefs and documents in each case on ScotusWIKI):

Mon., March 23

Yeager v. U.S. (08-67) — bar to re-trial after partial acquittal

Tues., March 24

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (08-205) — constitutionality of limit on right to broadcast campaign film attacking a presidential candidate; validity of disclosure rules

Wed., March 25

U.S. v. Denedo (08-267) — military appeals court jurisdiction over ex-service member’s case

Mon., March 30

Travelers Indemnity v. Bailey (08-295) and Common Law Settlement Counsel v. Bailey (08-307), consolidated for one hour of argument — bankruptcy court power to bar related lawsuits

Tues., March 31

Gross v. FBL Financial Services (08-441) — proof required in “mixed motive” job bias case

Wed., April 1

Polar Tankers v. City of Valdez (08-310) — validity of city property tax on large vessels from out-of-state that use its harbor

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