The Court is in recess for the summer. The opening conference for next term will take place September 29. Oral arguments will resume October 6.

In Guantanamo habeas litigation, the Justice Department is scheduled to file on Monday a brief in the case of Hamdan v. Gates (District Court docket 04-1519) in response to the motion for a preliminary injunction to block the military commission trial of Salim Ahmed Hamdan.  The trial is presently scheduled to start at Guantanamo on July 21.  In other detainee litigation, Senior U.S. District Judge Thomas F. Hogan has asked both sides in about 125 cases to file initial reports by Friday explaining the status of each detainee.  The reports will include discussion of whether the government has agreed to supply to detainees’ lawyers unclassified evidence that may have been used to justify detention, but will not include discussion of specific legal issues.  U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon also has asked lawyers on both sides to file status reports by Friday in each detainee’s case assigned to his chambers.

Petitioners’ merits briefs are due Monday in Entergy Corp. v. EPA (07-588) and Wednesday in United States v. Eurodif (07-1059). Respondents’ merits briefs are due Monday in 14 Penn Plaza LLC v. Pyett (07-581) and Thursday in Locke v. Karass (07-610). (Links above direct to case pages on SCOTUSwiki.)

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