On Monday, the Court is scheduled to hear argument in Virginia v. Moore (06-1082), asking whether prosecutors may introduce evidence seized during an arrest made in violation of state law, and in Preston v. Ferrer (06-1463), asking whether the Federal Arbitration Act and Buckeye Check Cashing v. Cardegna (2006) preempt the voiding of an interstate arbitration agreement made pursuant to the California Talent Agencies Act.

In advance of the argument, the Justices are scheduled to release the remaining orders from their private conference last Friday.

On Tuesday, the Court is scheduled to hear argument in United States v. Rodriquez (06-1646), asking whether, for purposes of the Armed Career Criminal Act, courts must look only at the maximum sentence under state law for a particular drug offense or may also take sentencing enhancements based on prior convictions into account, and in Begay v. United States (06-11543), asking whether a conviction for driving under the influence counts as a "violent felony" under the ACCA.

On Wednesday, the Court is scheduled to hear argument in Quanta v. LG Electronics (06-937), asking whether LG’s patents rights were exhausted by a license agreement with Intel, who subsequently sold the licensed product to Quanta, and in Meadwestvaco v. Ill. Dept. of Revenue (06-1413), asking whether an Illinois court’s standard for determining whether the state may tax the sale of a business by a non-domiciliary violates Court precedent and the Due Process and Commerce Clauses.

On Friday, the Justices are scheduled to hold a private conference, orders from which could be released as soon as that afternoon. To view our list of petitions to watch at the conference, click here.

In granted cases, petitioners’ briefs are due Monday in Riley v. Kennedy (07-77), and Thursday in Republic of the Philippines v. Pimentel (06-1204), United States v. Clintwood Elkhorn Mining Company (07-308) and Rothgery v. Gillespie County (Tex.) (07-440). The respondent’s brief is due Wednesday in Cuellar v. United States (06-1456).

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